TRX Workouts at Freestyle Fitness in South Pasadena, CA

A full body, transformational, FUN, challenging workout, lots of sweat, and lots of smiles when it’s over. Our classes are intense and offer a challenge to any fitness level – whether this is the first time you’ve walked through our studio door or you’re an athlete. Trust us, you will LOVE this workout, how fast the time flies and the sense of community you’ll feel. You’ll walk out with a smile on your face, a sense of empowerment and a body that will keep on burning fat and calories for many hours to come. Look forward to that afterburn! Both your body and mind will thank you!

Science and research has shown us that Interval training is the most effective and efficient way to maximizing results. While utilizing our heart rate monitoring system with each participant, our Signature Freestyle Interval 40-minute small group session consists of a warm-up, High intensity interval training and a much needed cool down. We use rowing machines, trampolines and rotational body weight trainers as well as full-body functional exercises that change from day to day to ensure maximum improvements. Come join the fun! 
In the introductory classes you will experience all the interval stations and be taught some fundamentals in order to maintain proper form for the variety of exercises and equipment used in our signature Freestyle Fitness Interval 40 class. You will still be challenged and the workout will be vigorous but just at a slower interval splits then our Signature Interval 40 class. Come set the foundation to safely ensure your success.






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